Terms & Conditions of InYourBassment.com

1. I am paying for the service of: Submitting a track to www.inyourbassment.com

2. I am aware that InYourBassment may not feature my track in any of their Social Media Platforms (Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Website, etc.) if my submission does not meet their quality standards.

!!! If you want to be 100% sure that we will repost your track please send us an email with your SoundCloud URL to cody@inyourbassment.com and we will let you know if it qualifies!

3. I am aware that InYourBassment will NOT refund my payment if my track will not be chosen to be featured.

4. I agree that the content I am subbmiting adheres to the Copyright terms noted in the "Terms of Use".

5. The "Email", "Song Title", "Soundcloud URL" and "Facebook URL" I am submitting are all valid and correct. If you notice you have submitted incorrect information please email cody@inyourbassment.com with your PayPal Transaction ID and song name within 24 hours to correct the issue.

6. In some extreme cases it may take up to a month or so you get back to you or deliver the service. If you have any questions regarding the speed of the service please email cody@inyourbassment.com or message us on Facebook.

7. I will never dispute a payment and if I ever dispute a payment on Paypal I am aware that I will be permanently banned from all channels and partner channels of InYourBassment.

8. I am aware that InYourBassment will NOT refund my payment for invalid or broken links.

*** If you have ANY questions, issues or concerns about your submission please message us on our Facebook page.